August 02, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Tweeps React to Lebo M.’s Latest Divorce

It looks like Lebo M. is heading back to the divorce courts for what seems like the millionth time (well, it’s actually the fifth time this time ‘round, believe it or not) after calling it quits on his one-year marriage to businesswoman Pretty Samuels-Morake.

Last February, “The Lion King” composer – real name Lebo Morake – secretly married Samuels-Morake, who at the time served as the president of his eponymous social needs foundation.

After four failed marriages (and two failed engagements), could it be that the 59-year-old was finally ready to settle down with his 40-something lady-love?

The answer? Nah.

Fast-forward to Tuesday, 1 August, whereby Lebo M. shared with a local media outlet that he’s cutting the marriage ties AGAIN.

“I will not be drawn into salacious allegations and innuendos about my business and personal life,” he stated. “I will be going ahead with the divorce and have already instructed my attorneys.”

Once they heard the news, many tweeps took to the Twitter streets to air their opinions, which included a LOT of laughing emojis and GIFs:

They then turned their thoughts to South Africa’s hapless Home Affairs department:

Some tweeps even felt sorry for Lebo M.’s best man – or best men, should we say?

A few even spared a thought for Lebo M.’s uncles:

This whole divorce business got @Maldaka wondering how all these women keep biting the divorce dust, and whether or not there’s a conspiracy or scheme afoot:

At this point, we hope the soon-to-be-former couple find the happiness they’re looking for once the split is made official. Then again, we’ve got a strong feeling that the roster for “The Real Ex-Wives of Lebo M.” isn’t gonna stop growing anytime soon!

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