May 15, 2024

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Tweeps React to Phindile Gwala’s Graduation

It’s always great to see people taking it upon themselves to pursue their passions and dreams, including embarking on educational courses that require a huge amount of dedication and perseverance.

Actress Phindile Gwala is one of those peeps who can say that she’s reached a major milestone in her life – taking to Instagram on Tuesday, 14 May, the “Blessers” star showed just how blessed she was:

“This has been a long road,” she wrote in the caption. “The milestone achieved, I am greatful [sic] and to God be the glory for His mercies endures forever. Today I am a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate [sic] with 10 distinctions.”

Specifically, Gwala graduated with a BCom in Entrepreneurship from Mancosa, a Cape Town-based private higher education institution known for offering accredited courses in various fields.

Over on Twitter/X, peeps congratulated Gwala on her academic achievements:

Of course, in pure Mzansi Twitter fashion, the good will didn’t last TOO long – some folks were quick to scoff at Gwala’s new degree, which they reckoned was acquired illegitimately:

Meanwhile, others were of the none-too-humble opinion that Mancosa wasn’t a real university/college, and that anyone could get a degree from them in a snap:

Which prompted equally spicy responses like these:

Maybe Mzansi Twitter needs a crash course in manners before embarking on university degrees, hey?

But anyway, join us in congratulating Phindile Gwala on her new degree!

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