November 02, 2021

Coming Soon: Robo-Arms with Synthetic Muscles

A talented engineer has created a mechanical wonder: a robotic arm with artificial muscles that is strong enough to lift a dumbbell in the same way a human would.

The amazing limb was designed and created by Automaton Robotics, a Poland-based start-up consisting of one passion individual – robotics engineer Lukasz Kozlik – which has set an ambitious goal of creating a fully-fleshed out, advanced automaton humanoid.

Kozlik is slowly constructing the creation one limb at a time, and recently a test that has proven promising: the experiment involved a seven-kilogram dumbbell, and a robotic arm with synthetic muscles – itself weighing only a kilogram – manipulating and lifting said dumbbell easily.

The proof of concept is made more unbelievable by the fact that the arm has roughly half the muscles of its human counterpart, but still manages a wide range of motion. Each muscle is made of pneumatic article muscles which pump air or hydraulic fluid, so that they can contract or relax on command.

So far, Kozlik has managed to create a torso and arm, both of which are connected to a skeleton, like the one you would find in a biology classroom.

The scientist runs his venture purely on donations from online patrons and hopes to one day have enough resources to hire an assistant to help out with his future plans.

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