May 13, 2022

DJ Choc Apologises to Lady Du

DJ Choc has apologised to his daughter, Amapiano songstress Lady Du, after he flamed her in a viral video clip.

Last week, Lady Du – real name Duduzile Ngwenya – seemingly implied in a social media post that she had a poor upbringing and was brought up in poverty. However, she has since clarified that the now-deleted post was taken out of context.

Nevertheless, Choc responded to his daughter by lambasting her in a now-viral video, in which he is heard ranting: “She did not grow up poor, she had everything she needed. She is who she is because of me. Today, you see me as a piece of s***, but she can go around telling people she grew up poor.”

Earlier this week, the deejay/businessman issued an apology on his Instagram account.

“Following the claims made by my daughter, I recorded the video and shared it with a family member to vent out my frustrations regarding a story supported by Lady Du about her childhood,” the apology reads.

“My intention wasn’t to cause any harm or engage in the social media drama that ensued; my intention was to clarify and shed light on the matter. However, I do acknowledge that matters could have been handled better on my end and for that, I deeply apologise.”

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