July 06, 2022

DJ Sithelo Shozi Accuses Ex-Lover of Domestic Abuse

DJ Sithelo Shozi has made shocking allegations of abuse against her baby daddy, Andile Mpisane.

On Tuesday, 5 July, the mother of three – two of whom she shares with Mpisane – broke her silence on the matter during a Q&A catch-up session on Instagram, saying: “I am not one to speak about anything concerning my private life. More especially where my kids are involved. 

“But everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far. I have been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of my peace, but today I will not be silenced.”

At the same time, DJ Sithelo shared pictures of the abuse she claims came from her former lover. The pictures depicted a swollen face and split lip.

Along with the pictures was a disturbing story of how she suffered a miscarriage in front of Mpisane’s family and friends, thanks to his actions.

The relationship between the two celebs has raised eyebrows in the past, especially when it was revealed that the two started dating when Mpisane was 17-years-old, while DJ Sithelo is seven years older. 

At the time, social media dubbed the musician “R Sthelly”, a portmanteau of R. Kelly and Sithelo, as fans reeled from the age difference.

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