May 20, 2024

DJ Zinhle Apologises for Controversial Comments

DJ Zinhle has caused a stir on social media once again after a clip of an interview she had with radio station 702 went viral on Sunday, 19 May.

The 40-year-old singer – whose real name is Zinhle Jiyane – sparked backlash as she discussed some of the difficulties she had faced while employing people in her Era clothing stores.

“One thing about the South African youth is not just that they are unemployed, a lot of them are unemployable,” she said bluntly in the interview before adding: “They don’t have the skill required. It bugs me how long it takes for us to fill positions as Era. Just to find the right person for our shops. It takes longer than it should in a country that has so much unemployment.[sic]”

Many disgruntled people used X, formerly known as Twitter, to lambast the “Umlilo” hitmaker, fighting against her harsh sentiments. Jiyane took to the same social media platform to explain herself:

“I wasn’t attacking the youth at all, as a small business owner I do employ & train people, but this doesn’t even start to solve the problems we are facing as the South African youth. I could do more with support from the government.[sic]”

“How do we up-skill our youth so that they are ready for employment?” she added.

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