February 27, 2023

Early Results Reveal Leader in Nigerian Elections

An early tally of the votes cast in the recent Nigerian elections has revealed that ruling party All Progressives Congress candidate, Bola Tinubu, is currently in the lead to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

While the votes were originally meant to be cast across the country on Saturday, 25 February, attacks on several polling stations meant that some citizens were only able to vote on Sunday, 26 February. Initial results were announced later that same day.

“There was pandemonium. There were bottles flying everywhere,” Doctor Nkem Okoli told an international publication over the weekend. “They broke [the ballot box]. They stole the phones of the officials. Now we can’t vote.”

Nearly 90 million people – a third of which are reportedly young people – were eligible to vote, with reports suggesting that there was a good turnout across the country.

The governing party is believed to have received more than 200 000 votes from the Ekiki state alone – significantly more than the tally of its opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party.

More results will be announced today, Monday 27 February, however a presidential victor is not expected to be declared for several more days.

Image Credit: Source