February 09, 2024

EPL Titans Jostle for Number One Spot

All bets are off this weekend, as the biggest English Premier League (EPL) clubs fight for their positions as top dogs.

Manchester City – who are currently sitting in second place on the EPL table – are looking forward to their match against Everton tomorrow, Saturday 10 February.

The Citizens are hoping to use their high probability of winning to climb back to the top of the EPL, briefly eclipsing current head honchos, Liverpool. With only two points separating the two clubs – the Reds on 51 points and Man City on 49 – it’s possible that the Citizens can resume their role as the leaders of the British league.

However, it’s not all written in stone just yet. Liverpool have an equally likely chance of winning their match against Burnley just a few hours later, which would place them back in first place.

Meanwhile, Arsenal – who are currently sitting in third place on the table with 49 points – will also have a chance to climb the ranks this weekend, as they have been scheduled to take on West Ham United the following day.

Come Monday morning, football fans might be looking at a very different hierarchy. For now, all we can do is watch and wait.

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