April 20, 2021

ESL Clubs Face Removal from UCL

Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid face expulsion from the 2020/2021 season of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), due to their involvement in the European Super League (ESL).

The footballing world has been in an uproar since Sunday, 18 April, when the unveiling of this controversial breakaway league was announced.

Twelve European-based clubs – including the aforementioned trio, who are also UCL semi-finalists – are set to participate in the ESL.

The likes of FIFA and UEFA have strongly rejected this league’s formation, with an executive committee member of UEFA calling for Chelsea, City and Real’s removal from the UCL semi-finals.

Speaking to a Danish sports broadcaster on Monday, 19 April, Jesper Moller said: “[These clubs] are going out and I expect that to happen on Friday [23 April]. And then you have to see how to finish the Champions League.”

If this occurs, only Paris Saint-Germain will remain in the competition.

Moller added: “Someone has to draw the line and find out which way the clubs should go. We owe it to our fans and everyone who loves football.”

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