November 11, 2021

Ethiopian Airline Crash: Boeing Accepts Liability

After two years, Boeing has finally reached an agreement with the families of the 157 victims who perished in an air crash in Ethiopia.

In September 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 took off from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in the capital, then crashed in Tulu Fara village near Bishoftu six minutes later, killing all onboard.

Per investigators’ reports, the faulty design of the aircraft – a Boeing 737 Max 8 – was to blame for the crash.

On Wednesday, 10 November, court documents filed at a federal court in Chicago, Illinois – Boeing’s headquarters – stated that the airplane manufacturer accepted responsibility for the deaths. It will pay compensatory damages to the victims’ families; in turn, the families have agreed not to seek punitive damages.

Boeing’s agreement will also allow families from several countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya to claim compensation through the US courts, as doing so through local courts is a difficult process and may yield in lower payments.

A committee representing the families lauded the move in a statement: “This is a significant milestone for the families in their pursuit of justice against Boeing, as it will ensure they are all treated equitably and eligible to recover full damages under Illinois law while creating a pathway for them to proceed to a final resolution, whether through settlements or trial.”

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