May 27, 2021

Europa League Final: Villarreal Break Man U Fans’ Hearts

The UEFA Europa League final on Wednesday night, 26 May, was one for the books as Manchester United and Villarreal CF fought to a 1-1 draw at full time, but ultimately the Spanish team won the title after a close penalty shoot-out.

Stadion Energa Gdansk in Poland was full of excitement as both sides gave it their all – the Yellow Submarine’s forward, Gerard Moreno, struck first with an opportunistic free kick from team-mate Dani Parejo that was granted in the 29th minute.

However, the 55th minute saw Edinson Cavani redirect squadmate Marcus Rashford’s bouncing shot and level the scoreboard for the Red Devils.

By the final whistle, both sides still had a goal apiece – even after extra time – resulting in a penalty shoot-out bonanza: in the end, the title glory went to Villarreal 11-10.

United fans were left sorely disappointed – as they have not tasted silverware since 2017 – and in a post-match interview, coach Gunnar Ole Solskjaer could only comment that the season was “not successful.”

He said: “That’s football for you. Sometimes it’s decided on one kick – and that’s the difference between winning and losing.”

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