January 23, 2024

European Super League Attracts Interest from Top Clubs

Around 20 clubs are apparently keen to participate in the ambitious yet controversial European Super League (ESL). 

The bane in the sides of both UEFA and FIFA, the ESL – which was first proposed in April 2021 – places an emphasis on having top European men and women’s clubs competing against each other midweekly in a league system.

Speaking to a French publication recently, Anas Laghrari – the co-founder of A22 Sports Management, which is the driving force behind the breakaway tournament – revealed that there are European clubs who have expressed interest in joining the league.

“Since 21 December, we have spoken with around fifty different clubs. About twenty of them are very, very motivated by the project,” Laghrari explained, albeit without revealing their names for fear of exposing them.

Due to this interest, he is optimistic that the ESL has “enough clubs to start a competition.”

“We are very busy talking to different clubs, fan associations, players and people who are involved in football on a day-to-day basis. They all call us to better understand this project because, since it is possible and legal to propose an alternative, … We can work together to improve football.”

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