June 18, 2021

Florida Woman Donates Kidney to Hubby’s Ex-Wife

It’s rare for a person to be on cordial terms with their spouse’s ex, but it’s certainly rarer for a person to make a life-saving donation to their said ex.

Debby Neal-Strickland of Ocala, Florida, proved that these things are possible last November when she donated her kidney to her husband’s ex-wife, Mylaen Merthe, soon after they exchanged their vows.

For the last three years, Mylaen – who had been divorced from Jim Merthe for nearly 20 years, and suffered from kidney disease for 30 years – saw her health deteriorating.

The only hope was 56-year-old Neal-Strickland, the woman whom Jim had been seeing for ten years and who proved to be a viable donor match. So, two days after marrying Jim, she and Mylaen underwent a kidney transplant at Tampa General Hospital.

Prior to the operation, Neal-Strickland and Mylaen were amicable at best. Now, they’re closer than ever before, thanks to the former’s kindness … and kidney!

Indeed, Mylaen was full of praise for her “kidney sister” during a recent interview with a US media outlet: “This is what the world is about: family. We need to stick together. She saved my life.”

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