January 25, 2024

Frank Lampard Laughs at Interview Quirk Memes

Frank Lampard “can’t help” being the way he is in post-match interviews, and recently opened up about the viral memes parodying his quirkiness.

The 45-year-old former Everton manager is often seen laughing in interviews before switching to a stern face, which has resulted in a multitude of “No, but seriously” memes spreading across social media and the Internet.

The subject was briefly discussed on the “Stick to Football” podcast, which aired on Wednesday, 24 January.

“Can I ask you one thing? You must be aware … when you do your interviews and you do that thing where you’re laughing and then you go serious?” Jamie Carragher posed the question to Lampard, who confirmed that his daughter has sent him the memes.

“I’ve done a few press conferences where I’ve done it … I can’t help it!” he chortled.

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