November 07, 2023

Freshwater Solution Rides Wave Power

Clean drinking water is often taken for granted and is seen as a global problem for 1.1 billion people – despite water covering 70% of the planet, only three per cent of it is potable. Now, a Canadian firm has a solution to this scarce but critical resource.

Oneka Technologies, a sustainable technology company based in Sherbrooke, Canada, has revealed its innovative desalination device that can convert seawater into freshwater; and best of all, it’s environmentally friendly and is entirely wave-powered.

The floating desalination platform offers scalable, modular designs that can accommodate coastal communities, industries and resorts relevant to their varying levels of demand. Not only is the tech cost-effective and emissions-free, it is also marine-friendly, and the start-up has already developed smaller units for emergency and private usage.

Larger platforms are currently in the planning stage, but are expected to enhance the freshwater supplies of sea-side cities and towns.

It operates via a membrane that is semi-permeable, that takes in seawater – with waves as high as a metre – and not only powers itself through mechanical force, but also outputs drinking water. Oneka’s website claims that the devices can produce approximately 49 000 litres of water per day, while putting out brine that is only slightly saltier than the surrounding area.

The innovation provides a revolutionary means for communities to have access to the precious resource, even during drought periods.

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