May 11, 2022

Ghana and Togo to Tidy Up Land Border

The Republic of Ghana and the Togolese Republic have set a deadline for the end of May 2022 for redoing the delineation of their land border.

The final date was announced in April after Ghana’s Border Commission conducted a field visit to determine the scope of the project.

Brigadier General Emmanuel Kotia released a statement at the time, which reads: “The decision taken here is that the two countries will jointly set up a technical committee to work on the reconstruction of these pillars.”

Experts from both countries claim that risks such as security concerns and cross-border crimes have risen to such levels that necessitate reinforcing checkpoints, which were last serviced well over five decades ago.

At least 50 international boundary pillars are planned to be built along the 40-kilometre-long national boundary.

Ghanaian authorities say the action is to prevent future political tensions, as well as aid in addressing Ghana’s recent maritime issues regarding delimitation in the Gulf of Guinea with Togo.

However, locals from both sides worry that it might lead to communal disputes, as some parts of the perimeter between the two African nations are inexorably linked, both socially and economically.

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