March 21, 2022

Has Tino Chinyani Gotten Hitched?

Media personality Tino Chinyani is reportedly a married man after videos and pictures of him at a wedding ceremony made the rounds on social media.

Last Thursday, 17 March, Chinyani took to Instagram Stories where he shared video footage and pics from the ceremony, in which he is seen wearing a black tuxedo and exchanging his vows with his supposed mystery bride, who is wearing a bedazzled wedding dress.

In one photo, “The Morning Show” host and his “bride” are showing off their wedding bands; a video clip shows him making a toast with his groomsman at a tastefully decorated outdoor venue.

This has caused confusion among social media users, who are wondering if it’s all for a music video (Chinyani has recently ventured into the music industry), or if the nuptials are legit.

Adding more fuel to the fire is Chinyani himself, who not only uploaded more official-looking photos from the “ceremony” to Instagram, but also provided details regarding the catering, the make-up, the bridalwear and more!

Hopefully Chinyani can provide his fans with much-needed clarification soon!

Image Credit: Source