November 28, 2023

Historic Young Thug Trial Kicks Off

Prosecutors will be using Young Thug’s lyrics against him as he stands trial for racketeering, criminal gang activities, and nine other charges.

The long-awaited trial began in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, 27 November, with fiery opening statements, which were frequently interrupted by the 32-year-old rapper’s defence attorneys. Known privately as Jeffery Williams, the star has been in jail since May 2022, when he was first arrested.

Fulton County prosecutor, Adriane Love, is arguing the state’s case that William’s record label – which is called Young Stoner Life (YSL) — is a front for a crime ring, which is known as Young Slime Life.

“The evidence will show that YSL checks all of the boxes for being a criminal street gang,” Love said during her opening statement before she went on to read the lyrics from his hit single, “Take It to Trial”.

Love pointed out that the lyrics had “an uncanny similarity to very true, and very real, and quite specific events.”

William’s defence attorneys have argued that using his lyrics in the trial is an act of racial bias and violates his rights to free speech and artistic expression.

The trial is expected to last six months. If found guilty, Williams could face decades in prison.

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