October 26, 2021

Ireland Baldwin, Candace Owens Fight over Shooting

Ireland Baldwin and Candace Owens got into a war of words over the tragic incident that involved the former’s father, Alec Baldwin.

Last Thursday, 21 October, the actor accidentally misfired a prop gun on the set of the film, “Rust”. Director Joel Souza was injured, while cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died from her injuries.

On Monday, 25 October, Owens – a conservative activist – tweeted out that the elder Baldwin’s accident was “poetic justice” as a result of his “painting Donald Trump and his supporters as evil murderers” for the past four years.

The younger Baldwin didn’t take kindly to Owens’ remarks, calling her “the most disgusting … cancerous human being” on Instagram Story. She also posted a screenshot of the offending tweet, writing: “I am ashamed to breath [sic] the same air as this woman.”

In response, Owens doubled down on her comments, calling the model’s father “psychopathic” and a “predator”.

However, the two women have since smoothed things over after talking to each other privately.

Meanwhile, the elder Baldwin is currently co-operating with the authorities over the shooting.

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