April 27, 2022

Is Mihlali Ndamase Dating a Married Man? This Blogger Thinks So!

YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase has been exposed by a local blogger for allegedly dating a married man.

On Monday, 25 April, entertainment blogger Musa Khawula tweeted this out:

According to Khawula, Leeroy Sidambe – a wealthy businessman married to a woman named Mary-Jane – left his wife in order to pursue this relationship with the 25-year-old influencer, which began two months ago.

Dropping an abundance of photos and videos, Khawula alleges that Sidambe bought Ndamase an outfit, which matched the one he bought for his wife:

The businessman apparently also shelled out on some furniture for his alleged side-chick, but Mary-Jane soon discovered the receipt:

Naturally, tweeps were stunned at this state of events, so one can imagine they had plenty to say on the matter. And boy, they did!

Ndamase and Khawula may have tipped the trending lists, but others mainly took swipes at Sidambe for his infidelity:

Many took aim at Khawula for having the nerve to expose Ndamase’s details online:

Tweeps who either love or hate Ndamase raised their concerns about her safety, and warned her about the company she keeps:

And there were tweeps like @LuMakhathinii, who reckons that the YouTuber is unbothered by all of this:

Ndamase herself has yet to comment publicly about Khawula’s claims – watch this space, folks!

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