May 18, 2023

Johnny Depp’s Teeth Causes Furore on Twitter

Either Johnny Depp is living up to his Captain Jack Sparrow character, or he’s really taking his new role in “Jeanne du Barry” seriously – nevertheless, fans aren’t exactly thrilled about seeing the state of his teeth.

On Tuesday, 16 May, Depp walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in France, where “Jeanne du Barry” made its premiere. So far, the flick has received mixed reviews, although Depp’s performance as King Louis XV reportedly got him a seven-minute standing ovation from the audience.

However, photos from the event showing the 59-year-old’s not-so-pearly whites has got social media all sorts of shocked, surprised and disturbed.

“Johnny Depp’s teeth are literally ROTTING,” one fan tweeted alongside photos of the actor’s stained, yellow-brown teeth.

“Johnny depp [sic] just looks like someone grabbed his teeth and painted them black,” a second fan remarked.

A third reckoned that seeing his chompers “ruined my mood”, a fourth declared it as “bacterial biological warfare”, while another was optimistic in thinking that Depp was about to film another “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Here’s hoping Depp can get his teeth checked out before there’s none left!

Image Credit: Source