October 10, 2023

Julia Fox Tells Shocking Ye Romance Details in New Memoir

Actress Julia Fox has revealed new details about her past relationship with rapper Kanye “Ye” West in her new memoir, which was released today, 10 October.

The tell-all book, “Down the Drain”, takes a look at the pair’s two-month relationship – which took place early last year – as well as the rest of the 33-year-old star’s tumultuous life.

“I tried to be as fair as I could and as truthful as I could. It was a purge, I would say,” Fox told an international publication during an interview on Saturday, 7 October.

“A lot of people were like, oh, she’s only famous because of Ye. It’s like, no. That relationship doesn’t define me. It’s one little blip,” she later added.

According to the memoir, the 46-year-old rapper requested Fox’s cell phone number from a mutual friend. The “Uncut Gems” actress revealed that she received a text message from West, followed by “dozens” of phone calls which lasted for several hours, despite being mostly one-sided.

She went on to reveal that West chartered a private jet to fly her and her friends to Miami, Florida for a New Year’s Eve celebration which would officially kick-start their romance.

Despite the initial connection, Fox admitted how her relationship with West quickly turned controlling, going so far as to call it a “sick, twisted game”.

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