December 28, 2023

Kanye West “Sorry” for Antisemitism

Kanye West, who changed his name to Ye in 2021, has apologised to the Jewish Community for his previous antisemitic remarks.

The 46-year-old rapper issued the apology in Hebrew, and says that he regrets any pain he may have caused. He also requested forgiveness.

In a spree of erratic behaviour, West shared an image of a swastika entwined with the star of David on Twitter and accused Sean “Diddy” Combs of “being controlled by Jewish people”. His account was eventually suspended.

In an interview with notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, Ye also praised Adolf Hitler.

After this, he lost commercial partnerships with Adidas and Gap.

The rapper is no stranger to controversy: In 2022 he used a racial slur against Trevor Noah, and he also added a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt to his Yeezy clothing collection.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) advocacy group welcomed the rapper’s apology on Tuesday while noting the impact of his past remarks. “Ultimately, actions will speak louder than words but this initial act of contrition is welcome,” the ADL said in a statement.