July 24, 2023

Kaya FM Replaces Dineo Ranaka

Things aren’t peachy in Dineo Ranaka’s life, and now Kaya FM has replaced her with Azania Mosaka.

Just a month ago, the 39-year-old radio personality revealed via an Instagram post that she was diagnosed with severe chronic depression; then on 8 July, she shared the unfortunate news that she had been fired from the radio station’s breakfast slot, which she had co-hosted with Sol Phenduka.

The drama behind the scenes allegedly came about from frustrations between Ranaka and Kaya FM’s management as they tried to accommodate her and her mental health challenges. Acting Managing Director, Colleen Louw, claims they dismissed Ranaka after she went AWOL after she was admitted to a mental healthcare facility.

Meanwhile, reports say that Mosaka – who has over two decades of radio and television experience – will be the voice of the new “Afternoon Drive” show on the Gauteng-based station, which is expected to start next month.

All does not seem to be lost for Ranaka, as she unveiled on 11 July her own educational podcast titled “Sex ‘n Stuff”, which is hosted on the “Podcast and Chill Network”, and streams daily at 3PM on YouTube and Spotify.

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