October 30, 2023

Kenya: Elders Renew Calls for Stolen Remains and Artefacts

As Kenyan officials prepare to host England’s King Charles III and Queen Camilla for a royal visit this week, some local communities are taking the opportunity to request restorative measures be taken after centuries of colonial injustice.

The reigning couple will arrive in Kenya tomorrow, Tuesday 31 October, and are expected to stay until Friday, 3 November.

During their visit – which comes just before the African nation celebrates 60 years of independence from Britain – King Charles will address some of the more painful memories of historical events that exist between the two countries.

According to a statement released by Buckingham Palace: “The King and Queen will visit Nairobi City County, Mombasa County and surrounding areas.”

However, many people want more than simple platitudes. Elders of the Nandi community have renewed calls for the United Kingdom to return the skull of an honoured chief and spiritual leader, Koitalel Arap Samoei, as well as stolen artefacts that carry significant cultural meaning to Kenyans.

The Talai clan of the Kipsigis community will also be seeking retribution for land lost during the colonial period. The clan has officially petitioned King Charles to receive compensation for land that was taken over by multinationals to pave the way for plantations.

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