October 04, 2023

Kenya: Unknown Illness Strikes Girls School

An all-girls school in western Kenya has experienced an outbreak of a mysterious sickness that has left up to 95 pupils with difficulty walking.

Kenyan health authorities sent a contingent to Eregi Girls High School on Tuesday, 3 October, to alleviate parents’ fears and to investigate the situation.

While classes would continue as usual, the affected pupils would undergo a multitude of tests and precautionary measures would be taken to prevent any further transmission.

The test samples would be sent to laboratories in the nearby city of Kisumu and the capital of Nairobi. The lab results are expected to be released later in the week.

“The education department, county government, and public health department are committed to ensuring the children receive appropriate treatment,” said Western Regional Director of Education, Jared Obiero.

A similar outbreak claimed the lives of three students and an educator in April at Mukumu Girls High School.

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