March 09, 2022

Kenya: US Blocks Entry of Flamboyant Ex-Governor

American authorities have banned Kenyan politician, Mike Sonko, and his immediate family members from travelling to any state in the USA.

The former Nairobi County governor was removed from office in December 2020, after Kenya’s Senate impeached him over allegations of corruption involving his receiving bribes for awarding government contracts.

He has become widely known for his opulent lifestyle, brand-label clothing and gaudy jewellery.

Eric Watnik, the counsellor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy in Nairobi, announced on Tuesday, 8 March, that Sonko and four of his family members – his wife and three children – would be refused visas to America due to his “involvement in significant corruption” during his term in office.

“We are focusing on the harm done in Kenya and its democracy,” explained Watnik. “The decision was made based on who we think is illegible to travel to the United States.”

Sonko has denied the charges and claims he is “shocked” by the visa refusal – he has not been found guilty, nor convicted of the aforementioned matter by any Kenyan court.

“This is a strategic political move to silence me and curb my political ambitions, but I will never be cowed,” he said, responding to the news.

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