September 14, 2023

Libya: Rival Governments Coordinate Flood Relief Efforts

As relief efforts continue in the flood-stricken country of Libya, the two rival governing bodies are reportedly coordinating their response to the tragedy.

According to a representative from the United Nations (UN), who spoke with an international publication on Wednesday, 13 September, both the Eastern and Western governments are currently talking to each other and have reached out to the global community for aid.

So far, more than 5 300 people have been confirmed dead across the country, due to Storm Daniel which hit the north African country last Sunday, 10 September. The Mediterranean city of Derna has been the worst affected, as it was directly in the floodpath of two major dams that burst on Tuesday, 12 September.

The death toll is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue, with Derna’s mayor, Abdulmenam al-Ghaithi, estimating that the number could reach as high as 20 000.

Several countries have already responded to Libya’s urgent pleas, acting as quickly as possible to prevent further loss of life. Qatar, Turkey, Italy and the United Arab Emirates have all sent a mixture of desperately needed supplies, as well as trained emergency relief personnel.

The United Kingdom has announced that they will provide an aid package of $1.25 million to address Libya’s most pressing needs while the UN, European Union, and the United States have all pledged to follow suit by releasing emergency funds.

Image Credit: Source