November 13, 2023

Lil’ Kim Expects Memoir to “Outsell God”

Lil’ Kim thinks her upcoming book, “The Queen Bee”, will be on a biblical scale in terms of pre-sales figures.

Taking to Instagram Live last Friday, 10 November, the 49-year-old rapper – real name Kimberly Denise Jones – shared her high hopes for the book, which will hit bookstores in March 2024.

“My book is done. I’m going to write y’all a letter to tell y’all what’s going on … but just know, it’s like that. When we post our pre-sales, we’ll be surpassing the Bible,” enthused the “Lighters Up” hitmaker.

Author Kathy Iandoli contributed to making the book a reality, while fashion designer Marc Jacobs wrote the book’s foreword. Lil’ Kim also mentioned problems while finding a publisher, saying that they will “literally take advantage of you.”

Meanwhile, folks across social media shared their thoughts on Lil’ Kim’s boasts.

“Tryna outsell GOD is crazy [sic],” laughed one user.

Meanwhile, another said: “Lil Kim just said that her new book is outselling the Bible. I cant take her seriously… [sic]”

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