October 21, 2022

Lusanda Mbane Leaves “Imbewu: The Seed”

After less than a year, actress Lusana Mbane has left the television show, “Imbewu: The Seed”.

Taking to her Facebook account recently, Mbane – who plays the delightfully villainous Makhosazana on the show – announced her departure.

“So this was Makhosazana’s last scene on ‘Imbewu’, after which I packed up from Durban and came back home,” the 43-year-old wrote. “No one knows if Makhosazana is dead or not, but we leave it there. Let the universe and time decide.”

Her departure comes nearly a year after she joined “Imbewu” after leaving the popular soapie “Scandal!”, where she played Boniswa.

Admitting that her portrayal of the character and her storyline were “taxing”, Mbane went on: “To breathe life to a story about torture and death, like the one of Makhosazana, while making sure you are not swallowed by such energies of darkness, is an intricate balance that you must get right to preserve your sanity.”

Don’t worry, folks: Mbane is very much still active on her socials, where she regularly interacts with fans, plus she’s got her own clothing brand, so best believe she’ll keep herself occupied until a new acting gig comes along!

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