February 07, 2022

Madagascar: Cyclone Batsirai Leaves 10 Dead, Displaces Thousands

A tropical cyclone wreaked havoc in the south-eastern parts of Madagascar over the weekend, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 people.

Cyclone Batsirai made landfall near the southern city of Mananjary on Saturday night, 5 February, pummelling the area with heavy rain and winds that reached average speeds of 200 kilometres per hour – according to Environment Minister Vahinala Raharinirina, entire villages have been swept away.

Just two weeks ago, the island country endured a beating from tropical storm, Cyclone Ana. It swept through its central region and killed 55 people, while also leaving approximately 131 000 homeless due to landslides and flooding.

Property damage from Batsirai is widespread, already compounded by the wake left by Ana, and electricity supplies have been disrupted in southern parts of the country.

The United Nations has predicted the damage to be “considerable” and has promised to double its rescue efforts, with aid agencies waiting for Batsirai to calm before sending in rescue aircraft with humanitarian assistance.

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