November 10, 2023

Marc Rantseli, 58, Passes Away

Marc Rantseli, one half of the music duo MarcAlex, has passed away at the age of 58.

According to his brother Alex Rantseli, Marc died on Wednesday evening, 8 November, at a hospital in Johannesburg, Gauteng, where he had been admitted two weeks earlier after suffering a brain aneurysm.

“The family is devastated. For me, I’m really a mess as I speak,” said Alex in an interview with a local media outlet on Thursday, 9 November. “His aneurysm just took him like that. When it actually happens, it becomes very difficult to take in. So, the family is taking it very hard.”

Saying that high blood pressure contributed to the aneurysm, Alex recounted his last moments with his brother.

“I was with him for a while. I could see something was different this time. He was actually at peace last night … the signs were still there that he [was] still okay, but something felt different.”

The Rantseli brothers shot to fame in the late ‘80s with their popular song, “Quick Quick”. They also released subsequent hits such as “My Everything” and “Heartbreakin’ Love”.

Memorial service and funeral service details are still to be confirmed.

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