October 29, 2021

Mr JazziQ Takes Legal Action Against Rea Gopane

YouTuber Rea Gopane is feeling the might of the law following his comments about Amapiano star, Mr JazziQ.

In episode 28 of his podcast, “Everything SA Music” – which was uploaded on Monday, 25 October – Gopane allegedly made some highly dubious remarks about Mr JazziQ’s rise to fame, linking it to the August deaths of Killer Kau and Mpura.

Gopane said: “The entire entertainment industry looked past the fact that JazziQ sacrificed Killer Kau and Mpura … for the betterment of his career … Why were Mpura and Killer Kau in the “Woza” music video when they are not featured on the song? … I’m just saying that, we’re not reading between the lines.”

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, 28 October, Mr JazziQ posted a legal statement, in which Gopane’s allegations were labelled as “void of any form of truth and are harmful.”

Because Gopane did not retract his statements or issue a public apology after being contacted to do so, the “Woza” hitmaker now intends to up the legal ante by pursuing the matter “civilly and criminally.”

Neither the YouTuber nor the podcast have commented on the situation.

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