October 05, 2022

Nasty C Spotted with US Rapper Wale

Mzansi rapper Nasty C has been living it up in Los Angeles, California and it appears that he’s making friends with some industry whales – or “wales”, we should say.

The award-winning artist posted to Instagram on Monday, 3 October, tagging US rapper, Wale and saying, “A legend pulled up on me yesterday.” The attached picture and video showed the two in deep conversation.

According to reports, the two artists also linked up for a studio session, which will hopefully yield some exciting results in the near future.

The meet-up came shortly after news broke that Nasty C became the first South African rapper to reach one million YouTube subscribers, a number that was no doubt reached thanks to his new 10-track-album, “Ivyson Tour Mixtape”, which dropped in September.

At the moment, the Zulu rapper is said to be working on his next album and is pushing to increase his presence in America while collaborating with other US artists. 

“I feel the most natural way to do that is to reach out to artists of my calibre. I’m big in South Africa, but this side I am an up-and-coming artist,” he wrote in a similar Instagram post just after he landed in the City of Angels.

Image Credit: Source