December 08, 2021

Nick Cannon’s Youngest Son Passes Away

Nearly six months after welcoming his youngest son, Nick Cannon has had to say goodbye to him.

On 23 June, Cannon welcomed his seventh child, Zen, with model Alyssa Scott. Unbeknownst to the public, the infant was battling hydrocephalus and a malignant brain tumor.

On Tuesday, 7 December, the eponymous talk show host tearfully announced on “The Nick Cannon Show” that Zen had passed away on Sunday, 5 December.

He explained: “I always noticed [Zen] had a cough … and so I wanted to check it out. He always had this real interesting breathing, and then by the time he was two-months-old, I noticed … he had a nice-sized head.”

When the doctors diagnosed the infant with the aforementioned conditions, they fitted him with a shunt to drain the fluid from his head, which had caused its rounded shape. Come November, however, his health took a turn for the worst.

Thanking Scott for her strength and for being the “best mom”, Cannon also dedicated the show’s episode to his son, along with a special message: “You never know what someone is going through. Hug your family. Kiss somebody. Tell them you love them.”

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