July 16, 2021

Nicolas Cage Won’t Play the “Tiger King”

Nicolas Cage has confirmed that he won’t be part of the highly anticipated “Tiger King” series.

The 57-year-old actor was talking to an American outlet on Tuesday, 13 July, about the subject content and the main character, Joe Exotic, a role he was first tipped to play since September last year.

The eight-episode series is a televised adaptation of the Netflix docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”, which became wildly popular when it aired last year. The premise focuses on the misadventures of Exotic, a whimsical zookeeper, and his squabbles with rival, activist Carole Baskin.

Cage would have played Exotic, but feels that the producers at Amazon left it too late.

The Oscar-winner said: “I think Amazon ultimately felt that it was material that had become past tense because it took so long for it to come together. They felt at one point that it was lightning in a bottle, but that point has since faded into the distance and it’s no longer relevant.”

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