November 03, 2021

Nigeria: 16 Dead From Building Collapse in Lagos

At least 16 people have died after a multi-storey apartment building collapsed in a trendy district of Lagos, Nigeria on Monday, 1 November.

According to witnesses in a nearby office building situated in the commercial area of Ikoyo, they heard a rumble at mid-day, and the block of luxury apartments – which has been under construction by Fourscore Homes since 2019 – started vibrating, then fell “floor by floor.”

Rescue efforts commenced the next morning – per reports, up to 100 people are believed to be trapped in the rubble. So far, nine survivors have been pulled out of the twisted metal and broken concrete.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted several sectors in Nigeria, including the construction industry which has seen projects delayed or forced developers to cut corners, while regulations are barely enforced. Shoddy building materials and/or fraudulent contractors are also often involved.

The reason for the collapse is unknown. An investigation is to be launched once rescue operations have concluded.

Image Credit: Source