November 27, 2023

Nigeria: Whoops! Wrong Airport

United Nigeria Airlines (UNA) have apologised for a plane landing at the “wrong” airport in Abuja, Nigeria nearly 450 kilometres away from its original destination in Asaba.

The flight left Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos on Sunday, 26 November. However, just a few hours later, passengers were surprised to find themselves in an entirely new city.

“Upon arrival, the cabin crew confidently announced that we’ve arrived in Abuja, only for us to realise we landed in Asaba,” one passenger, “Dawisu”, tweeted along with a picture of the interior of the aeroplane, before adding: “Apparently, our pilot was given the wrong flight plan from Lagos.”

However, the airline confirmed that their pilot knew exactly where they were coming from and where they were going. UNA released a statement on Twitter the following day, announcing that the flight was redirected due to bad weather.

UNA also claimed that a wrong announcement was made by the cabin crew at the time, but the pilot was “properly briefed” at all times.

Thankfully, the flight was able to eventually land safely in Abuja, once the weather had cleared.

Image Credit: Source