January 17, 2024

Nuclear Power in Your Pocket!

Imagine having a mini power plant in your pocket that could provide power for over five decades – no need to imagine anymore as a Chinese start-up has produced a solution.

Betavolt shared its incredible device, a coin-sized atomic energy battery, with the world last Monday, 8 January, whilst boasting the incredible technology contained therein that surpasses anything produced by “European and American scientific research institutions and enterprises.”

The device, called BV100, creates electricity from a decaying radioactive isotope of nickel, and can store 3 3000 megawatt hours – however, it barely has enough power to charge a smartphone.

Nevertheless, the Beijing-based firm hopes the battery technology will open the door for its potential to be enhanced, and can lead to phones that don’t need to be charged and vastly superior pacemakers.

The firm intends releasing its breakthrough product with the power of a single watt next year, but such a leap from 100 microwatts and three volts has raised many a curious eyebrow.

Although the thought of handling a product with radioactive material is alarming, Betavolt claims that BV100 is “absolutely safe” and goes on to say that it could be used to power artificial hearts – once the technology is refined, of course.

Image Credit: Source