July 05, 2021

Pearl Thusi Threatens to Sue “for Fun”

Pearl Thusi is not playing around with Twitter users anymore, especially not with those who have accused her of being involved in a scam.

It all started when choreographer Somizi hosted a recent Instagram Live session, whereby he promoted Mandla Lamba, a well-known conman who once claimed to be South Africa’s youngest billionaire. In response, tweeps accused Somizi himself of carrying out money-making scams.

On Saturday, 3 July, one such tweep wrote: “Not surprised at allegations of Somizi scamming people, he allegedly stole a cooking show idea. Just hurt at allegations of the involvement of Pearl Thusi in the scam.”

Soon enough, an unamused Thusi replied: “Babe- [sic] I just worked on a gig. And then I went home. I have not told anyone to do anything. Please stop. Have a great day.”

The “Quantico” actress’s response comes minutes after she had tweeted out: “I could actually sue a few people yazi. Just for fun… [sic]”

Time will tell if and when she will hand out these lawsuits. Needless to say, anyone who dares to cross her on social media better watch out.

Image Credit: Source