February 22, 2022

Potter Defends Duffy-Sanchez Game Row

Brighton boss, Graham Potter, has downplayed the spat between defender Shane Duffy and goalkeeper Robert Sanchez that played out on the pitch over the weekend.

During the first half of Brighton’s clash against Burnley on Saturday, 19 February, the pair collided as they dealt with a ball in the box. This prompted Sanchez to voice his displeasure; in turn, Duffy pushed him in the chest.

Per reports, the pair continued to fight in the tunnel at half-time, damaging a wall in the process and thus prompted others to separate them.

Brighton went on to lose 2-0, although Duffy and Sanchez embraced on-field, seemingly putting their conflict behind them.

“I think [their fight] sums up the frustration, sums up the disappointment,” commented Potter two days later. “They’re human beings and they both care a lot, they probably just didn’t channel it in the best way.

“But I’m not going to be critical of them,” he added. “I just want to try and help them because they weren’t the best versions of themselves in that instance.”

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