December 07, 2021

Read My Lips, This Robot is Lifelike

A robot with human-like facial expressions seems like the stuff you would expect from science fiction, but a UK-based company has turned fiction into reality.

Meet Ameca, an automaton produced by Engineered Arts, a designer and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots, and clearly, the company is making strides with the technology.

Last Wednesday, 1 December, the robotics firm released a video on YouTube demonstrating the range of facial expressions that Ameca has in its arsenal – such as imitating shock, disbelief and smugness – thus showcasing why it is considered an advanced model, thanks to its synthetic muscles and the hair-fine motor controls which produce the subtle gestures.

The films “I, Robot” and “Ex Machina” may have had an influence on the look of Ameca, but no need to worry about a machine uprising (yet), as the robot has no legs and serves as a testing platform for artificial intelligenceI and human robot interaction.

Essentially, Ameca could be a receptionist at the front door, or mingle with guests at an event. It’s not the only model available, as the robotics company has several other kinds of androids that can perform a variety of tasks. The company’s website claims that ‘“custom robots can be designed and made for shows and exhibitions.”

Engineered Art intends showing off its products, including Ameca, in early January 2022 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Image Credit: Source