November 22, 2023

Rediscovered Interview Reveals Banksy’s Name

A reputable international publication has claimed to have unearthed a lost interview from 2003 in which the mysterious graffiti artist Banksy reveals his name.

The interview was made public yesterday, Tuesday 21 November, in which reporter Nigel Wrench can be heard talking to someone claiming to be behind Banksy’s Turf War exhibition. The conversation was recorded 20 years ago but was never released before now.

In the recording, Wrench asks his interviewee if he is called “Robert Banks”, and the voice replies: “It’s Robbie.”

However, many people remain sceptical about whether “Robert Banks” is the real name of the famous Bristol-based artist, who has remained anonymous for decades. Some pundits have pointed out that the pseudonym “Rob Banks” works suspiciously too well with the icon’s rebellious style.

Over the years, several theories have been put forward as to the true identity of the infamous street artist. One of the more popular theories places Massive Attack founder Robert del Naja – who uses 3D as his own alias – in the spotlight.

Other people who have been accused of being the illusive creative include Jamie Hewlett, the co-founder of the band Gorillaz, as well as the comparatively unknown Robin Gunningham, who has been named in a defamation lawsuit aimed at Banksy.

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