February 28, 2023

“Rust” Crew Members Slap Alec Baldwin with Additional Lawsuit

Three “Rust” crew members have reportedly filed their own lawsuit against actor Alec Baldwin and the film’s producers on Monday, 27 February.

Dolly operator Ross Addiego, set costumer Doran Curtin and key grip Reese Price claim to be suffering from anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in close proximity in October 2021.

Hutchins was shot in a church on the set of the neo-Western movie at Bonanza Creek Ranch, New Mexico by a prop gun fired by the 64-year-old Hollywood actor. At the time, director Joel Souza was also struck and wounded by a bullet.

Baldwin has denied pulling the trigger of the gun that shot Hutchins and has pleaded “not guilty” to two charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Jacob Vigil, a lawyer for Addiego, Curtin and Price, spoke with an international publication on the day of the court filing.

Vigil said that Baldwin, Rust Movie Productions, and El Dorado Pictures allegedly “cut corners and ignored safety rules”, before adding that they “put the quick and cheap production of Rust ahead of the safety of the cast and crew.”

The plaintiffs have also stated that Baldwin allegedly did not pay attention during the weapons training.

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