August 06, 2021

SA Woman Celebrates 84th Birthday with the Homeless

An elderly woman from Cape Town, South Africa recently celebrated her birthday with some very special guests.

For her 84th birthday, Hilda Claasen of Mitchells Plain – who, because of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, was unable to have a big party – decided to put together a small gathering for 40 homeless people.

The party took place at Mitchells Plain Town Centre on Monday, 2 August. There, Claasen’s guests were treated to birthday cake, marshmallows, and other sweet goodies.

Shaber Scholdz, who attended the party, praised Claasen for her renowned generosity: “Every week she brings us food, and we were so happy when we heard she was coming to celebrate her birthday with us. We wanted to say thank you, and we got her the flowers and a chocolate.”

Claasen also had kind words for her guests: “I wanted to cheer them up and remind them they are special, too. After thinking hard about what could be the nicest thing, I thought why not dedicate my birthday to them and give them a reason to smile.”

She added: “I love helping people and I think with the little contribution we make in the lives of the needy, we can eventually restore humanity in our communities.”

Image Credit: Source