January 15, 2024

South Africa: Floods Wreck Havoc in Durban

Emergency services in Durban, KwaZulu Natal are still searching for two people after heavy rains and severe floods devastated the area.

Residents of the city were woken up on Saturday evening, 13 January, as flooding waters damaged properties and infrastructure, resulting in power outages and scores of people being displaced.

According to reports, at least 11 people have been confirmed dead, while many residents were evacuated.

A spokesperson from IPSS Medical Search and Rescue, Samantha Meyrick, told a local publication about some of the misfortunes those affected faced: “A river running through the Tongaat CBD flooded, leaving two people stuck in a tree and a third person stuck on a wall surrounded by rapidly rising water.”

“The three people were brought to safety by members and were found to have not sustained any serious injuries,” she added.

The city has officially closed several beaches and swimming pools as first responders focus on providing aid to as many people as possible.

Image Credit: Source