December 07, 2023

State of Emergency Declared in Seychelles

Wavel Ramkalawan, President of Seychelles, has declared a state of emergency as the country grapples with the aftermath of a vicious explosion and flooding.

A blast at the CCCL explosives store rocked the industrial area of the country’s main island of Mahe in the early hours of Thursday morning, 7 December, with several people reportedly injured.

According to one news outlet, the explosives were being kept in four containers for a construction and quarry company.

The country’s emergency services are under immense pressure at the moment, as heavy rainfall throughout the night has also caused flooding and landslides.

In an attempt to avoid any further pressure on the emergency response teams, an official statement from the presidency’s office advised the citizens of Mahe to remain indoors until further notice.

“Everyone is being asked to stay at home. All schools will be closed. Only workers in the essential services and persons travelling will be allowed free movement,” the statement added.

Despite the Seychelles International Airport being damaged in the turmoil, it remains operational and open for visitors and tourists, who are the only people allowed to navigate the holiday islands at the moment.

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