May 17, 2021

Sudan: 7 Soldiers Arrested over Shootings

Seven members of the Sudanese military have been arrested in connection with the killing of two peaceful protesters in the capital of Khartoum.

Last Tuesday, 11 May, a sit-in rally – comprising several hundred protesters – took place outside the army’s headquarters. The day marked the two-year anniversary of a deadly dispersal of a pro-democracy rally that had also been held outside the headquarters, in which 127 people were killed.

Per reports, members of the controversial militia unit, Rapid Support Forces, opened fire on the protesters in order to disperse them. This resulted in two deaths and dozens of other people getting injured.

Tuesday’s events prompted outrage in Khartoum, with civilians taking to the streets, barricading roads and disrupting traffic.

On Saturday, 15 May, the Sudanese army released a statement, in which they explained that they had released a list of seven soldiers suspected of being involved to the Attorney General so that legal proceedings could begin.

The army added that they had waived these soldiers’ right to a trial before a military panel “to guarantee transparency, to protect the investigation, and out of concern for the security and safety of citizens.”

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