May 15, 2023

Taylor Swift Pauses Mid-Concert to Defend Fan

Taylor Swift might be back on the road with her “Eras” tour, but she still has time to look out for her fans.

While performing at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, 13 May, she stopped while performing her 2014 hit, “Bad Blood”, to yell “She’s fine!” into the crowd.

Various videos have been circulating on social media that give no clear indication of what transpired, but presumably the 33-year-old pop star was pointing at, and ordering, security to stand down after a fan got too close to the side of the stage.

Another video shows Swift pausing again to yell, “She wasn’t doing anything”, before demanding “Hey, stop” a short while later.

Neither the stadium’s management nor any Swift representatives have offered a public comment as of yet.

This is her sixth major tour, and her first planned concert tour since 2018. Her next stop on the “Eras” tour is at the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago, Illinois during the weekend of 2 June.

Image Credit: Source