January 17, 2022

“The Estate” Cast, Crew Get Their Dues

After three painstaking months, the cast and crew of the SABC3 show, “The Estate”, have finally been paid their salaries.

Two weeks ago, entertainment reporter Phil Mphela tweeted that Clive Morris Productions have not paid them since November.

The non-payment, according to a letter from the production company to the cast and crew, was apparently due to a “change of contract”; most recently, “The Estate” has started airing on SABC1 from the first season onwards, while the show continues its episodic run on SABC3.

“They were promised [their salaries] 31 December, then 4th Jan,” Mphela wrote. “But in a letter sent today, Clive Morris Productions has postponed payment to Jan 10th [sic].”

On Sunday, 17 January, he tweeted out an update, saying that the cast and crew were paid two days prior.

Many Twitter users expressed their relief, with one writing: “I was worried they might strike and we wouldn’t have the show.”

Another user personally thanked Mphela for seemingly helping out with the situation: “You are magical, Phil, never ever doubt your power and influence.”

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